La Araña Discoteca

This has nothing to do with spiders or disco but rather with all the awesome things I’ve shared with my brother. Recently, Community. Even more recently…

So on Saturday I made him this:

I forgot the egg.


He didn’t seem to mind.


Chicken Nuggets Mozzarella Cheese Burrito Without Egg

1 piece Chicken McNugget, sliced (Eat the 5 other pieces later that night even though they are soggy because Chicken McNuggets are awesome.)
1 order Java rice from Kenny-Rogers-the-restaurant-not-the-singer (The cashier will give you a look when you ask for this. It is better than the sniggers from the counter crew when you ask for 20 orders of Java rice because you have to make a whole batch of burritos for your org potluck. Don’t worry. It’s totally worth it when you don’t have a rice cooker and a decent recipe for Java rice.)
1 piece tortilla
shredded mozzarella cheese
sour cream
Dequila ghetto bean dip  (That link doesn’t go to the recipe. The dip my go-to contribution to my org’s vegetarian-friendly shindigs. I will post the recipe when I feel like it.)
Egg (Unbroken and unfried in refrigerator.)

Dump rice, bean dip, cheese, sour cream and sliced McNugget onto tortilla. Forget egg. Discover brother has already had a McMuffin for brunch. Wrap up and serve to him anyway. Expect much love and praise. Get bemused affection and an offer to pay your bills for you since he’s on his way to pay his. Hand over utilities budget to brother. Loveyoukel.

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