Doctor Love

Yes. It’s true. I’m in love. With a Doctor no less. A gorgeous, big-ticket, 38-year-old Doctor I’ve been stalking in Makati whenever I can. And all I need to call the Doctor mine is Php 70,000. At least. Untitled (1972) by Edgar Doctor at Salcedo Auctions Yep, I’d take that Doctor into my bedroom anytime. Too bad I can’t really afford it. It’s part of Salcedo Auctions’ … Continue reading Doctor Love

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Peachy Keen

So there was this one time at work when Darlene thought she’d make up for the massive amount of work she was making us do by treating us to an equally massive number of peach mango pies. Staring at the pile of warm pies on the snack desk, I turned to Joey and said, “Wouldn’t it be awesome if there was a refrigerator cake that had peach mango pies instead of boring old fruit cocktail.” And then we stared at the window dreamily – she, to look for errant helicopters, and I,  to picture a pie in the sky that was a cake. This is the recipe for that cake.