Peachy Keen

So there was this one time at work when Darlene thought she’d make up for the massive amount of work she was making us do by treating us to an equally massive number of peach mango pies. Staring at the pile of warm pies on the snack desk, I turned to Joey and said, “Wouldn’t it be awesome if there was a refrigerator cake that had peach mango pies instead of boring old fruit cocktail.” And then we stared at the window dreamily – she, to look for errant helicopters, and I,  to picture a pie in the sky that was a cake. This is the recipe for that cake.


Peach Mango Pie Cake

Get enough peach mango pies to fill your pie tins* in at least two layers. Then get some more. Get more cream than you’ll think you’ll need. Also, a pack of crushed graham crackers. If you want to crush your own graham crackers, you are visiting the wrong blog. Go to or wherever all your fellow overachievers are. (*Tupperware or pyrex will also work.)

Put on some nice pie-cake making music.

Fill the bottom of your tin with a layer of crushed graham crackers. If you’ve managed to spirit away some single-serve butter packets from a hotel or a plane or a Starbucks, let the butter soften a little and then mix it in. It’ll make for a more solid base. You’ll need to press the butter-graham mixture in with your fingers though. So skip the butter if you’re averse to washing your hands.

Pour a layer of cream over the graham base. You can add a dash of condensed milk if you like your cake a little sweeter. 

Add a layer of peach mango pie over the cream. If you thought ahead and got more than enough pies, you can just plop the whole pies side by side (bottom tin). If, like me, you thought you’d scrimp on the pies and use the rest of the pie money for drinks for your party instead, you will have to break up the pies to make them go further (top tin). There is no shame in this.

Cover the pies in another layer of cream (or cream and condensed milk).

Do the whole graham cracker – cream – peach mango pie – cream thing until the whole tin is full. 

Top the whole shebang with what’s left of the crushed graham crackers. I had planned to put little tombstones marked with things like “My Career”, “Overtime”, “Romantic Love” and “[name redacted]’s Balls” because the graham topping looks so much like yummy dirt. But then I got lazy.

Cover the tin with some clean cover-y thing. I double-sided-taped some wax paper onto the tins. You can use foil or plastic wrap or unpaid electricity bills, if you like.

Put everything in the refrigerator. Including the leftover butter and cream because spoiled dairy is not your friend. Let the cake sit in the fridge for a few hours.

Remove cover and serve to friends at unemployment/birthday party. (This photo was taken before things started getting fun and everyone put away their cameras for fear of getting splattered by soda. No really, my party was fun. Right, guys? RIGHT? Dammit, stop judging me.)

No really, it was fun. We ran out of cake before we ran out of beer (and olives, for some strange reason), thus the lack of cake slice photos. But not the lack of beer.

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