Valentine’s Day Survival Kit

Back in college, my roommate dated my ex-boyfriend before eventually pining for boys who like Incubus (which was a welcome relief mostly because Brandon Boyd replaced Avril Lavigne on the dorm room sound system). Anyway, since we were both single on Valentine’s, I figured I’d put together something get us through the day. 

That was seven years ago. Since then, my single friends have been the recipients of my annual Valentine’s Day Survival Kit. The original kits were Ziploc bags stuffed with cheap treats from the Philcoa Mercury Drugstore. (Which reminds me of the time when we raided Mercury for condoms and gin to make up a “Bawal Package” for the dorm’s bingo night. But that’s another story.) As my friends started to get into relationships, I pimped out the kits more and more for the last few single people. With the rate that things are going, I only have a year or two left before I’ll have no one to give kits to. So, this year, for Valentine’s, I’m passing the magic of caffeine and alcohol on to you.

 The last kit was a mini-tool box. This year, I found plastic take-out boxes on sale.
Yes, it says, “break heart to open.”
Before & After
Let’s take a peek inside.
Pampalimot (to help you forget/drown your sorrows) — travel-size Absolut Kurant
Panakip-butas (to cover the void) — two Band-Aids
Pampalubag-loob (to salve your inner self) — three Hershey’s Kisses
Pampagising sa katotohanan (to wake you up to the truth) — chocolate-covered coffee beans
(formerly instant coffee packets but a double dose of chocolate never hurts)
Panyo (to wipe away tears) — one pack of pocket tissues
I overheard two college girls in 7-Eleven gushing about their newly-discovered euphemism, “Singles’ Awareness Day”. So the cycle continues.
Have a nice day.

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