Scenes from Aeroplane Windows

I’m in the land of bacon and maple for the Toronto International Film Festival. I’ll tell you about it sometime, only now I’m sitting alone in the Vancouver International Airport, listening to PA announcements in French, trying to fight jet lag and ass numbness. So I’ll share these photos taken from plane windows instead.
Gorgeous bridge in Vancouver. Reminds me of the new Cebu-Mactan bridge back home.
Still Vancouver. You could practically build a layout on that grid, it’s so meticulous. This much OCD makes me jittery.
Aaaaaah. That’s much better. (I assume this view is of somewhere in Pasay.)
One of my favourite views of all time: Fish pens in and around Manila Bay. Don’t you think they look like the discarded arrows of warring gods? Or some really Bauhaus sperm.
Another favorite. Crackly ice on the surface of the Atlantic Ocean. Or some lake. I can’t be too sure. I fell asleep on the plane from New York and suddenly woke up to this.
Manila smog has never looked so pretty.

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