Scribbly Pretty Ladies

I’m the kind of ADHD kid who can totally sit still but only if my hands have something to do. So when I got bored hanging out backstage at the Rock for Peace concert, I ended up surreptitiously sketching some of the Dakila girls on my iPad. Aren’t they incredibly good-looking? They’re much cuter in person though.

The lovely Miss Kintana
Nityalila in her bike-hair hiding hat
This is Kate's figuring-out-how-to-get-to-Portugal face

The first review on iTunes for Draw Free for iPad (the app I used here) goes, “My 2 year old daughter absolutely loves this app.”  That is spot on. The sensitivity is spotty so curves end up all jagged and the color selection is less than basic. But hey, it’s FREE FREE FREE. And it’s extra fun to try to make art out of something toddlers use to draw SpongeBob SquarePants.

What do you think? Arty enough or should I splurge for the higher-end paid aps with all their luxurious brushes?

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