Hump Day Hijinks: Hipster Edition

Welcome to the brand spanking new feature here at All Kinds of AWESOME that I’m calling Hump Day Hijinks! Every Wednesday, I’ll be putting together a bunch of links for your general amusement for that little extra sparkle to help you get through the week.

Let’s start things off with a trip to the quintessential hipster destination, New York City. Joanna Goddard does these fantastic insider guides to NYC. Including some amazing non-touristy things to do and most importantly, ten ways to not to look like a tourist while in the Big Apple. (Unofficial #11: Stop calling New York “the Big Apple”.)  (A Cup of Jo)

Because you’re too hipster to have a boyfriend, here are some pocket manfriends to keep you company. Pocket girlfriends too, only they’re not as much fun to say out loud. (Etsy)

Just when you thought Norwegian Wood couldn’t get any hipster-er. (Welcome to This)

The post that inspired it all, Cracked’s 7 Reasonable Explanations for Looking Like A Hipster. A handy excuse sheet for inadvertent hipsters like me. (I wear thick framed tortoise shell glasses because I need them to see and am allergic to metal frames.) I got 5 out of 7 but only because I have the wrong gonads to grow a beard and I live in a tropical country where sweaters will kill you with heat stroke. (Cracked)

And just in case you’re getting a little too comfortable with your hipster lifestyle, here’s a fantastic site that answers the question, “How many slaves work for you?” You’ll be surprised at how many indentured workers it took to make your artfully distressed vintage-looking shirt. Plus the graphics are design-geek-worthy-gorgeous. (Slavery Footprint)

I’ll leave you with the classic hipster Harry, Ron and Hermione by MarikaArt:

Happy Wednesday!

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