Oxfam Pilipinas Presents: Women’s Market

I was sick yesterday so I completely blanked out that the second installment of Oxfam Pilipinas’ Women’s Market is happening TODAY, October 14. (How could I forget that today is the International Day of Rural Women?! Fever, that’s how.)  You can still make it though, it’s open until 5pm at the Bureau of Soil and Water Management, Visayas Avenue on the Ellipitical Road, Quezon City.

Poster and identity design by yours truly

It’s definitely worth checking out. Why? I’ll turn you over to Glenn from Oxfam:

Selling fair-trade organic produce at farm-gate prices, the Women’s Market is the perfect choice for health-conscious consumers who want to support local women farmers. The Women’s Market will be held on October 14, 2011 (Friday), from 8 AM to 5 PM, at the Bureau of Soil & Water Mangement (Beside Landbank), Visayas Avenue on the Elliptical Road, Quezon City. The Women’s Market is open to all, with no registration fee.

The Women’s Market carries a wide selection of products, including fresh pesticide-free vegetables, organic rice, free-range chicken eggs, bath soaps & shampoo, boneless bangus, and many more. Since the produce are sold straight from the farms, the prices are cheaper compared to those sold at groceries.

The Women’s Market is supplied by women farmers from La Union, Zambales, Bulacan, Batangas and Nueva Ecija. Earnings from the Market go straight to them. Buying from the market is both a concrete action and symbolic show of support for rural women’s development.

(via Oxfam Pilipinas Blog) (emphasis mine)

Empowering rural women? Check. Fair-trade organic produce? Check. Smart (i.e. CHEAP) shopping? Check. What more can you ask for?

Celebrity chefs?

Stephanie Zubiri, Tatung Sarthou and Sau del Rosario (image from Oxfam Pilipinas Blog)

Yup. They’ll be doing a Top Chef-style cook-off using produce from the market. If you run to the Women’t Market NOW, you might still be able to catch tasting samples of their dishes.

Hunky actors getting flirty with women farmers?

Rafael Rosell and rural women spice up a cooking demo. I love the middle woman's longing look at Rafael. (image from Oxfam Pilipinas Blog)

Well, alright. This happened at the last Women’s Market back in March. But it was adorable. Don’t miss moments like this, catch the Women’s Market NOW.

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