I wake up shivering.

Kints is getting up beside me, blinking at the dark. “Did we fall asleep?” she mouths. My nod is sharp and preoccupied. “They left us here.”

The floor stings with cold under my feet as we feel our way to the exit. My fingers trace the shadows as we pass. Bare concrete. Glass. Velvet. Finally, a door -barred with a metal grille.

“They locked us in?” Kints’ voice barely makes an echo. “I noticed they shuttered the windows too. Whoever locks up must’ve seen us, for sure. There must be some kind of mistake.”

A muffled noise whines in reply. My hand reaches for my pocket. My phone. Its pale glow is a relief, casting everything into recognizable shadows. Kints hurries over to a row of switches by the door and flicks them up, one by one. The lights buzz and crackle for a second. Tiny pinpricks of white burn overhead and fade as we watch.

“This is ridiculous. Call Leni. She’ll get us out of here.”

My fingers are stabbing at the cellphone keys before Kints even finishes. No response. The screen is frozen, I think. And someone has changed my wallpaper. The wave of annoyance lasts longer than it should have. It had been such a good picture of Sharky.

I am still squinting at the generic abstract blur on my phone when a light finally flickers on. An orange glow escapes from the edges of a half-opened door neither of us had noticed.

“Bathroom?” We both shrug. “Maybe there’s a window.”

There wasn’t.

Kints storms back into the dark while I put down the toilet lid to sit and think. I’m tapping my phone against my forehead, half-wanting to throw it against the wall simply for something to do, when a bit of movement catches my eye.

I am looking down at myself. Rather, I am looking at an image of myself on the cellphone screen looking down at an even tinier square of light. I only catch a brief glimpse of my face before there is the clatter of metal and plastic on tile. The glowing screen goes dark.

On the wall, where a mirror should have been, another square of greenish light comes to life. Then another. And another. I blink at the images – some still, others blurring with frantic movement. Miko. Kate. Cha. Mon. The faces that I can make out are too familiar to be reassuring.

I wonder if they can see me too. I wonder who else is seeing us.

I force my eyes open a second time. I’m awake. Fists clenched. Throat raw from forcing out the words that my lips have been forming.



*Night Terror 

Back story: I slept over at Leni’s place and woke up in a fright from this dream. I was too freaked out to go back to sleep so I wrote it all down instead.

One thought on “Bangungot*

  1. I’m really happy that you’ve created your own website and have actually publish your thoughts. I love your work and feel I can refer to what you’ve done. Most people can’t even imagine having such talent. I hope that you know how lucky you are. 🙂 Good luck to you in ALL your endeavors. 🙂

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