Before Breaking Dawn Goes Back To The Future

Whether you dread or anticipate the unnamed third ‘Before Sunrise’ film that Ethan Hawke, Julie Delpy and Richard Linklater are working on, you have to admit that the poem in the first film was surprisingly moving.

Daydream delusion 
Limousine eyelash 
Oh, baby with your pretty face 
Drop a tear in my wineglass 
Look at those big eyes 
See what you mean to me 
Sweet cakes and milkshakes
I am a delusion angel 
I am a fantasy parade 
I want you to know what I think 
Don’t want you to guess anymore 
You have no idea where I came from 
We have no idea where we’re going 
Launched in life
Like branches in the river
Flowing downstream
Caught in the current
I’ll carry you, you’ll carry me
That’s how it could be
Don’t you know me? 
Don’t you know me by now?

Do you think they can capture this kind of poignancy for a third time? (I thought that the last scene in Before Sunset was pretty much perfect but I can’t help but be curious about what happens next.)

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