There Is No Justice In SM

Movie Announcer Voice: “In a world where the law is against itself and innocent people are exploited without their knowledge, ONE MAN must take matters into his own hands and bring the gavel down on his money-hungry oppressors. This summer, Machete Barrelman stars in … Escape from SM Baguio: Illegal Justice.”

Spotted in SM Baguio

Update [January 2012]: I wrote this post as a joke a while back but now it seems oddly resonant in the light of SM Baguio uprooting 182 trees for a parking lot (Big Yellow Taxi, much?) and then subsequently claiming to be operating an environment-friendly mall. The issue, of course, goes much deeper than vilifying SM Malls – why did the government agencies grant them permits? for example – but the image now seems less funny-haha and more funny-oh-what-a-messed-up-world-we-live-in.

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