Mahal: A Found Love Poem

Spotted in a karaoke songbook.

Poem is highlighted in orange.




Mahal ka sa akin.


Mahal kita, alam mo ba?

Mahal kita, walang iba.

Mahal kita, mahal mo siya, mahal niya ay iba.


Mahal mo ba ako?

Mahal mo ba’y di na ako?

Mahal mo daw ako?

Mahal mo pa ba ako?


Mahal na mahal kita.

Mahal na mahal ko siya.

Mahal na mahal na mahal na mahal kita.

Mahal naman kita.

Mahal pa rin kita.


Mahal, saan ka nanggaling kagabi?





(English Translation)


You are my love.


I love you, don’t you know?

I love you, and no one else.

I love you, you love him/her, he/she loves someone else.


Am I the one you love?

Am I no longer the one you love?

Am I the one they say you love?

Am I still the one you love?


I really love you.

I really love him/her.

I really really really really love you.

I rather love you.

I still love you.


My love, where did you sleep last night?

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