Why Mike From ‘Suits’ Is My First Celebrity Selfie

I think my brother identifies with Mike Ross from ‘Suits‘ the way only men who share a profession and most of a name can.

Mikel – like Mike, our legal drama protagonist – is a young attorney with slacks that are on just the right side of skinny and a passion for the law verging on fanaticism. I’m not enough of a ‘Suits’ watcher to figure out why the latter is the case for Mike, but I suspect my brother takes after the generations of lawyers on both sides of our family. Svelte legs and justice-seeking are just in our blood.

Except that I’d rather pursue justice as an activist, communicator and campaign strategist instead of being a lawyer.

As it turns out, Mike Ross – or rather, Patrick J. Adams, the actor who plays him – is more like me than Mikel. He isn’t a lawyer, for one. And secondly, he’s an advocate for climate action.

The guy beside me asked Patrick, "Are you the guy from Burn Notice?"
He also makes a kind of a turtle face when taking photos. Celebs, they’re just like us!

Patrick, Al Gore, 600 climate advocates, and myself came together in Toronto today at the Climate Reality Leadership Corps. We’re strengthening the global network of activists committed to taking on the climate crisis and solving one of the greatest challenges of our time. (More on #CRinCanada soon!)

As world leaders prepare to gather for the U.N. Climate Negotiations in Paris this December, we need to come together as a planet to demand a strong agreement for climate justice. (Click here to TAKE CLIMATE ACTION NOW.)

Climate change is the greatest threat to the life, lifestyle, and livelihood of everyone, everywhere – and we can make the choice to tackle it head on. We can also make the choice to unite our forces as global advocates and work together to start a Climate Revolution.

I don’t take selfies very often – and never with celebrities – but today, I made an exception for a comrade-in-arms, a fellow climate warrior, and, well, an excellent actor who brings joy to the screens of many, including that of my beloved baby brother.

Now if only we could get Louis Litt to help us fight the climate battle.

Top photo source: https://www.flickr.com/photos/genevieve719

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