The Perils of Being Bespectacled

  Other things that suck about wearing glasses: Awkward 3D-Movie-watching experiences. Limited walking-in-the-rain capabilities. Not being able to find Nemo while snorkeling or scuba diving. Primly removing glasses before commencing headbanging and/or moshing. Misidentification as a hipster. One thing I love about wearing glasses: Knowing exactly when a guy is thinking about kissing me.*   *Explanatory comic strip coming soon. Continue reading The Perils of Being Bespectacled

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I’m Sorry Ma’am, It’s Terminal

There’s a moratorium on the non-awesome around these parts, but I figure this is so far down on the horrible side of the spectrum that it’s broken through to the other side and become awesome instead.  

The short version: We spent about 12 hours in limbo partly because some stairs ran into a plane.

The long version:

Thursday – Sunday, 22- 25 July 2010

I’m in Cebu with the rest of the Dakila team to help launch the Active Vista Film Festival’s 17-city tour.

Sunday, 25 July 2010

9:00 pm (Times are approximate because I kept switching between my phone, my pocket watch and the airport clocks.)Kate and Noy Bert drive Marj, Lourd and I to the Mactan-Cebu Airport so we can catch our 10:40 pm flight to Manila

Express my ass.

9:15 pm – A sign at the AirPhil Express check-in counter says out flight has been delayed. We figure it’s because of the insane weather back in Manila. We check in and try to figure out how to kill time until 1 am.

9:30 pm – Kate and Noy Bert double back and pick us up. We cruise around Lapu-Lapu City looking for a cheap motel so Lourd can get some beauty rest before his morning show.

10:00 pm – We get dropped off at “Warm Hands Massage” – a 24-hour joint sandwiched between a tattoo parlor and “Club Mermaid”.

10:15 pm – Slathered in Omega Pain Killer and Efficascent Oil, we doze off while masseuses (18-30 years old) poke and prod to their heart’s content. Lourd reports that they don’t do happy endings. I was too greasy to take pictures.



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